Welcome to SRC Golf Carts

Wholesale used golf carts

Sarasota, FL. (941) 928-8024

Welcome to SRC Golf Carts

Wholesale used golf carts

Sarasota, FL. (941) 928-8024

The TRUSTED supplier of wholesale carts


including Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. We continue to add new  distributors all around the U.S. to offer more selection of carts for our expanding dealer base to purchase. Through referrals, new dealers are calling us with complete confidence that we deliver the carts that we advertise, in a timely and professional manner. Integrity and honesty is what we are all about at SRC Golf. 


 Carts at or BELOW wholesale...only from SRC Golf in Sarasota, Florida! Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha...if we don't have it, we'll find it for you.


If you are not currently  receiving our regular dealer emails, with our list of wholesale used  golf carts, please visit our contact page and send us your contact  information. 

*We send complete details on individual carts that includes: make, model, year, gas or electric, and location of carts now. 

*MOST of our carts are directly from the golf course that traded them in.


SRC Golf supplies good, used golf carts from the distributors that have them, to the dealers that need them. We have 67 U.S. distributors that send us their used cart inventories, that we share with 900+ independent U.S. dealers.

We represent both the selling distributor AND the buying  dealer. With our informative emails that include actual pictures of the carts, every dealer can be confidant that the carts they receive are the carts that were advertised.

SRC golf is now offering  quality LED light kits at special discount pricing. Please see the slideshow below.

​ALL SRC dealers can purchase these kits at $129 each ($139 CC Precedent E's/$149 CC Precedent GAS) *minimum 6 kits, price includes shipping, 

*delivery takes 7 days, typically 

See the kits below, and contact me directly to order light kits. 

 *Head/tail/brake light/turn signals w/horn (includes wiring harness) *Harnesses are machine built and system tested before packaging. 

*Only  high quality, full gauge wire is used in the harnesses…not wiring that  is all casing with only a small amount of copper inside. 

*These kits  have a VERY low failure rate of .5 to 1%. Any failures reported in a  reasonable time frame, in MOST cases, will be replaced​  

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SRC Golf Carts

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(941) 928-8024