Are you needing to buy good, used, carts?


We receive lists of carts from distributors literally in every region of the country. We then send these list to dealers in that specific region or within a distance that make freight costs acceptable.

We always tell you where the carts are located (generally by the state, or area of that state). This is critical for a few reasons:

1. As a buyer, you want to KNOW where these carts are coming from. We all know that a comparable Michigan cart is MUCH different from a Florida cart due to how much it's used each year. 

2. WHY make an offer on carts in Seattle if you are located in Miami? Freight costs would be a deal killer.

3. We believe where the carts are coming from is a critical factor in the price of the cart. Many sellers will absolutely NOT offer that information, or be deliberately misleading. 

SRC Golf ships carts directly from the location they were used, to the purchasing dealer. We get excellent freight pricing on 53' box trucks and arrange for pick up and delivery. Full trailers and backloads are at times available, and can be used for larger loads.

From the time we receive the payment until the buyers actually receive the carts averages 4 to 8 days* (driving distance may require 2 days on the truck). 

*Although rare, there are exceptions where it can delay delivery for 2 weeks. That usually only happens when a new fleet delivery is delayed, which delays the trades being taken off the course.