What we do


SRC Golf is owned solely by Tim and Sasha Cavanaugh. We have exclusive connections that no other independent re-seller has. We are fiercely protective of our buyers and suppliers, and are VERY selective in who we do business with, and can provide as many references as you like from dealers confirming that we deliver the carts as expected, and work with ALL parties to insure everyone is satisfied.

Our business philosophy is simple, be honest, thorough, and professional and both sellers and buyers will come back over and over. 

  • We don't buy carts from middlemen, ONLY the party that has the controlling interest of the vehicles.
  • All buyers and sellers are vetted, as our reputation is based on developing strong trusting relationships, with all dealers.
  • We supply true pictures of the specific carts being sold, and as much detail as possible. This includes LOCATION and cart usage history, a most critical aspect of the cart buying decision.
  • If WE discover that sellers have grossly misrepresented the condition of the carts they ship, they will be deleted from our contact lists forever.  This single requirement is the foundation of our success.
  • We work with major national freight companies and negotiate the lowest possible shipping terms.
  • SRC Golf represents both the buyer/sellers and works to create mutually beneficial transactions.

History of SRC Golf

 In 2009, while working as a sales and marketing consultant for a large, authorized Club Car & EZGO dealer, I developed the first large scale email program that sent lists of used carts to dealers starting in Florida, then expanding into more S.E. states by 2011. By that time I had approximately 200 dealers that were receiving my marketing emails.

By 2012, I was selling more used carts than any other dealer in Florida...by a large amount. My reputation was that the dealers could trust me, and I was honest in my representation of the carts. Being in a coastal location, I sold mostly Club Car electric carts, with VERY few gas, Yamaha or EZGO carts of any type. 

In 2013, my sales doubled as word of mouth referrals started coming in from dealers around the country. My challenge started when dealers called me looking for carts that I didn't have...mainly Yamaha, and GAS carts of ANY type.

I decided to start calling Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha distributors around the U.S., using their carts to supply my buyers with the carts they needed. Over time I was successful in setting up regional markets for Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha dealers. 

By late 2014, I had grown SRC Golf Carts nationally...with 40 distributors sending me lists to supply carts for over 700 dealers (we now have 67 distributors and 900 dealers in the database). By continuing to emphasize trust and honesty, our devoted customer base continues to grow.